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What is a compostable product?

It is a natural or organic product that is designed to break down into nutrient rich soil in a specific time and environment like industrial composting facilities without leaving behind toxins like disposable plastics.  It is an increasingly popular alternative to single-use petroleum based plastic disposables (read more).  Compostable is different from biodegradable (read more).  Some unethical companies attempt to get around these compostable requirements by labeling their products earth friendly, bio based, bio plastics, all natural or biodegradable.

What does it mean to be certified compostable?

Certified compostable products have met or exceeded ASTM D6400 (USA) & EN13432 (European) standards based on extensive testing by a reputable third party organizations like Biodegradable Products Institute (BPI®) or TUV.  Products claiming to be certified by these organization must be registered to ensure that they have been tested to be truly compostable and environmentally friendly.

Ecovita products by Blasso, LLC are registered as 100% compostable with BPI.

How do compostable products benefit the environment?

Certified 100% compostable products takes 65% less energy to make and produces 68% fewer greenhouse gases than conventional plastics. Thus, it leaves a smaller carbon footprint than plastics during production.  It also uses all-natural plant resources which is a better sustainable and renewable option when compared to trees or plastic.  In essence, we are starting with a big environmental win before we even consider disposal!

In additional, our certified compostable tableware will break down or degrade into nutrient-rich soil in 2 - 4 months (60 - 120 Days) provided the process is perform in an industrial composting facility.

Are Ecovita compostable products for home composting?

The material used in 100% compostable utensils is certified by third party organizations like BPI® and TUV.  In order to be certified under those non-profit organizations, the product must meet or exceed ASTM D6400 & EN13432 Standards.  Those standards require that the products break down into nutrient-rich soil in 2 – 4 months in an industrial composting facility.  Other 100% compostable/CPLA products made from plant resources like corn should have the same certifications.

We do not market our CPLA utensils for Home Composting which requires another special certificate.  Designing our compostable utensils for home composting would diminish the sturdiness and heat resistant characteristics which our customers love.

Our compostable plates, bowls and bamboo utensils are backyard compost friendly. 

How are compostable products dispose of?

Based on ASTM D6400 Standards, our certified compostable tableware will break down into nutrient-rich compost in 2 - 4 months provided the process is perform in a composting facility (where it was tested and verified).  One can ask their recycling center if they take compostable products, as some might. To search for an industrial composting facility in your area, visit

If the compostable tableware happens to find its way to the landfill, it would still be better option from a biodegradability standpoint to plastic.  Since the landfill conditions will vary and where certified compostable products usually haven’t been tested, we can’t estimate how long it would take to compost.  Conventional plastic could take 400 hundred years to finally dissolve leaving behind micro-plastic, while all natural 100% compostable utensils would expect to start to break down in months without leaving behind toxins.

Our compostable plates, bowls and bamboo utensils are backyard compost friendly. 

Can the compostable utensils be washed and reused?

Ecovita's compostable tableware is designed to be single-use disposables.  However, we have tested the CPLA utensils with several washes in the dishwasher and they were able to maintain their durability after a few cycles.  However, we can’t guarantee that they won’t start to breakdown under repeated washing and use.


Are your products PFAS free?

YES!  Our compostable plates and bowls are produced without using Per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS, fluorine) which are considered forever substances and stay around the environment for a long time.  PFAS have also been associated with health risks such as kidney cancer, thyroid disease and reproductive issues. 

Fluorine substances were previously used to improve oil resistance in disposable tableware.  BPI no longer certifies products that use PFAS so accept no lower standard than BPI certified.


Are these wheat free and latex free?

YES!  Our eco-friendly utensils are made from corn or bamboo while our compostable plates and bowls are made from bagasse (sugarcane) and bamboo not wheat or latex.  We do not manufacture on equipment that might come in contact with wheat or latex products.


Are these products vegan?

YES!  We do not use any animal products to make our compostable products.  They are made from plants!