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About Us

Compostable Biodegradable Cutlery Utensils Forks Spoons Knives

Our Planet. Our Commitment.

We all thrive on this planet’s beauty and resources.  And we all share responsibility to protect, nurture and replenish what we use and share from the land, water and air.  That's why our company started with a commitment to providing our customers convenient, eco friendly products for your everyday activities and events.

Ecovita, designed for the All-Natural Eco friendly Lifestyle, shares enjoyment in your life’s ventures while helping you use renewable resources, promote zero waste and minimize the impact to the environment.   

Our mission is to provide you premium, well designed products that support practices in line with preserving and nurturing the planet’s resources and natural beauty.

You also share in this mission with us every time you educate your friends, family and customers by providing them with environmentally friendly products like Ecovita.  By taking part in this journey, you demonstrate to others your commitment to the environment and that you can enjoy elegance and convenience while still being eco minded. 

We welcome you to be a part of this thoughtfulness and inspiration, Together. 

We believe that great eco friendly products and little reminders will help spark a eco movement that will create lasting change in ourselves and our planet’s wellbeing.

Ecovita Blasso Compostable Eco-Friendly BiodegradableBlasso, LLC, exclusive distributor for Ecovita products, is based in sunny San Diego, CA and we only source from the most ethical and environmentally friendly manufacturers.

Feel Good. Go Green.